Welcome to IQera


IQera (IQ era) has developed adaptive lessons using artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithms to help students learn the concepts of A Level Courses. It is an opportunity to study at home by highly qualified teachers. These courses are based on the ‘learning objectives’ set for your courses and tutor support is provided via our online learning environment. These lessons also include examination preparation modules.

If you are a student looking to achieve your A Levels learning in a flexible alternative to highly-priced face to face lectures, try our program. Whether you are a first-time student or are re-sitting exams, you will find our courses in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics ideally suited to your needs. More courses are frequently added, reach out if you are looking for a specific subject and we will let you know its launch date.

Our two-year program of A Level Courses include both the AS and A2 portion of the A Level award. Students looking to study a full A Level online will need to complete both portions of the award. Students are required to sit at an exam center as a private candidate.